CBD Yoga is the melding of Plant Medicine + Movement Medicine : in Unity.

We aim to share the tools as well as insight for self care, a method of healing yourself harmoniously. 

CBD is extracted/separated from specific varieties of cannabis, often known as hemp. Chemically, CBD is one of 85 chemical substances known as cannabinoids, which are all found in the cannabis plant. CBD is the second most abundant compound in hemp, typically representing up to 40% of its extracts.

Yoga and CBD have more then we recognize in common – Both bring about balance: yoga through a series of postures, breathwork and meditation and CBD through its direct impact on the endocannabinoid system that is hardwired to create homeostasis and equilibrium throughout the body.

Indeed, some of the feelings of wellbeing felt during yoga are a direct result of the endocannabinoid system producing its own feel good neurotransmitter, Anandamide.

The word “anandamide” means the bliss chemical because it is released while we are feeling great. Anandamide is derived from the Sanskrit word “ananda” meaning bliss and “mide” meaning chemical.

Anandamide plays a role in eating habits and appetite and in the generation of both: motivation and pleasure. Experiments indicate that anandamide may be as important as the more well-known neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin

Who we are?

We are a collective of dreamers, healers + movement makers in our communities and hearts all across the globe!

We all have the calling in various ways to share healing that supports and uplift each human where they are on their present path.

Combining CBD + movement is simply one way in which we express ourselves. We look forward to sharing practices, tips, ideas and inspiration to guide you on your unique healing journey. 

We hope to cultivate an online presence of sharing the tools for self healing with CBD + Movement Medicine.

We look forward to holding future FREE community CBDyoga classes as well as holding retreats in the future. 

Kylie Mae

Lauren Marie