Self Care

Self care doesn’t have to be bubble baths + crystals + sage + oils + all the extra woo-woo that is touted as essential self care now a days..It can be as simple as saying NO when you mean it. Listen – explore – f e e l what is authentic to you.

If it doesn’t match your energy why are you trying to force it?

Sharing a few of our favorite – and realistic way to treat yourself!

Yes we are drinking a bottle of #CBDwater / taking a dose of BARE 800MG to end this evening on a high note as we created this 

Affordable + Authentic Self Care 101

  • Dance – Let your energy out in a way that feels organic to you. Free movement – slow dancing with your lover (cats count) – or just rolling around until your body feels good. Move to support what you need in the moment, or don’t. You know what is true to you
  • Organize your spaces –  By clearing out the physically clutter in the spaces you occupy it tends to create more simplicity within the mind as well. See what you can donate and what you no longer need or move everything around to create a fresh feel.
  • Make a cup of tea – Take the time to enjoy a cup of warmth you can hold – enjoy – devour.. Do I need to say more?
  • Read a book – Get lost in another experience, perspective or story. Stimulate your mind to reach new dimensions in your daily life.
  • Take a walk – In the woods or On the beach take a stroll by yourself to just take in your environment and breathe outside.
  • Create – Wether its music, art , meditation , painting or journaling find a way to express your creative energy. Some days – ahem : most  – you might not like what it is you create.. but we do believe that creation allows for expression and that there is always something to be learned when we allow ourselves the time for authentic creation.

Create the space in time to do what you feel is good and whole.

Don’t for a second think what serves another is what is best for you, we are all on this journey together trying to figure out our personal paths.