1 on 1 Movement Therapeutics : In hOMe | Online

1 on 1 Movement Therapeutics : In hOMe | Online

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Movement Therapeutics is a way of  1-on-1 guidance to consciously help bringing the Body, Mind and Heart back to a place of wholeness. 

The practice is a way of healing through guided stretching, meditative breathing & communicative awareness.

What to expect :

  • Client will be guided through a series of supported & passive movements based on where the body and mind are presently.

  • Encouraged + taught various techniques involving props at home from bolsters to straps to create healing that is unique to each being.

Together these actions result in a comprehensive experience that relieves tension, improves blood flow/circulation, boosts the immune system and creates an energetically balanced state of being. 

You will also be given "home study" after the session to begin to incorporate your practices into your daily life! 


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